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About Petsco

PETSCO has been meeting the demand for preforms, bottles, and caps required by the food, pharmaceutical, and cleaning product industries since 2020 at its İnegöl Facility, adhering to standards. We prioritize quality with serious commitment, holding ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000 quality management systems certifications, fully meeting their requirements.

PETSCO aims to inspire and provide sustainable, value-added products designed and supplied according to customers' needs. With core values such as trust, integrity, commitment, honesty, innovation, diversity, environmental consciousness, and community engagement, PETSCO's expert team strives to deliver the highest quality products and services.

PETSCO is committed to continuously raising awareness among its employees and partners about preserving the world's natural resources. We actively take measures and invest in initiatives aimed at environmental conservation, ensuring that we never shy away from our responsibilities in this regard.

We can manufacture and produce custom-designed molds according to our customers' specific requests.

Plastic Bottle Manufacturing

We offer the highest quality products and services with a team of experts who embody core values such as trust, integrity, commitment, honesty, innovation, diversity, environmental consciousness ,
community engagement.

The advantages of using PET bottles

Most importantly, PET bottle recycling technology is now very mature. Compared to materials like PE and PP bottles, which often end up as waste and are challenging to recycle and reuse, PET bottle recycling has numerous market applications. Some companies have established their own procurement channels for recycling PET bottles. As resources become increasingly scarce, environmental awareness is maturing today.

It is essential for the market to recognize and demand the unique properties of PET bottle packaging. Compared to other plastic bottles, PET bottles have a certain degree of high temperature resistance, superior extrusion properties, and transparency. These qualities make PET bottles suitable for a wide range of applications in food and pharmaceutical industries, making them highly sought-after in the packaging materials sector.

Pet Bottle Usage Areas


PET bottles, used for beverages such as water, milk, boza, and similar drinks, as well as liquid detergents, the glass water sector, and many pharmaceutical substances, are manufactured with state-of-the-art machines under appropriate conditions.